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How to rent an office in Kiev in 2020
In 2020, the demand for offices in Kiev will be high, while the supply is not growing actively, good options quickly leave the market. About where and how it is…

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Results of the commercial real estate market in Kiev in 2019: demand for offices is growing, rental rates in the mall have reached the ceiling
With increasing competition, the provision of Kiev with retail space came close to the cities of Eastern Europe For the commercial real estate market in Kiev, 2019 was an active…

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When residents of "Khrushchev" will be relocated to new buildings: they promise to move the reconstruction of obsolete housing from a dead point
In Ukraine, a new version of the law on the reconstruction of dilapidated and dilapidated housing is being developed. Every year, apartments in Khrushchev’s are getting cheaper by 15-20%, and…

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In this article, we will discuss a few points that relate directly to how land privatization can be conducted.

The first point will deal with free privatization.

According to the Law of Ukraine, every adult citizen of Ukraine has the right to free privatization of land for personal use. The Land Code refers to the following rules regarding the size of land:

1) For construction and economic support of a private house no more than 25 acres for rural areas, 15 acres in urban settlements and a maximum of 10 acres in the city; Continue reading

How to increase the apartment

Creating something massive, the manufacturer focuses on general needs and does not take into account the individual desires of people. This also applies to housing in high-rise buildings.

More people live in identical houses and in similar apartments. Almost everyone knows that there are apartments that have names, in connection with which houses they are in, when these houses were built and what layouts they have. The apartments are divided into “Khrushchev”, “Stalin”, “Czech”, “gostinka”, “small families”. Of the full-fledged apartments, Khrushchev is considered the most unsuccessful layout. There are many disadvantages: a very small kitchen, low ceilings, cramped rooms. Continue reading

The new property tax is a military levy

Why real estate agencies flourish in our time and more and more people, selling or buying real estate, turn to realtors? In fact, everything is simple, every person, even at a subconscious level, is trying in every way to protect himself. And by contacting a reputable real estate agency, the client not only saves his time, but also receives a reliable assistant and partner in all legal, notarial and financial matters.

But this absolutely does not mean that the client should thoughtlessly follow all the instructions of a realtor. The client must clearly understand what he signs and what he pays for. Continue reading

House or apartment: what to choose?

When it comes to buying your first home, there are always many questions about choosing an apartment or a home. Of course, it is not easy to give a definitive answer, because both the apartment and the house have their disadvantages and pros. In order to make the right choice, you should compare them and then decide what works best for you.
First, consider the apartments.

If you start with the pros, then of course, if you live in an apartment – it means that you will live within the city, thus you will not spend extra money on travel. Continue reading


When performing any real estate transactions, you should remember that you are required to pay taxes. Types and amounts of taxes are established by the legislation of Ukraine.

In this article, we will look at the types of taxes that apply to the sale of real estate.

Taxes are paid by both the seller and the buyer.

The seller has the following types:

1) If the seller has been the owner of the property for more than three years, he must pay 1% of the state duty; Continue reading

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