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Buying an apartment in a new building for resale: how much you can earn
How much and for how long it is possible to “beat off” investments when buying an apartment in new buildings with resale The percentage of buyers of apartments who invest…

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New building with repair!
Primary real estate, the so-called "new buildings", has a significant role in the real estate market. But if the choice of apartments after the builders is quite large, then it…

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Living in hotels in Kiev has become more expensive: what will happen next
For the first time in 5 years, a decrease in average market operating indicators was observed in the hotel market of the capital The operational activities of hotels in Kiev…

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Rent an office in Kiev: prices are rising, and supply is declining

The market revival triggered an unprecedented increase in activity

From the beginning of September, the traditional business season began, which activated the rental market for office space. What trends in this market segment did the capital real estate portal 100realty.ua recognize.

Rental rates rushed up
Demand for rental of premises in the fall increased and this provoked an increase in rental rates for the most popular premises on the market. According to Park Lane real estate agency, rental rates have risen by an average of 10% since the beginning of autumn. Continue reading

When residents of “Khrushchev” will be relocated to new buildings: they promise to move the reconstruction of obsolete housing from a dead point

In Ukraine, a new version of the law on the reconstruction of dilapidated and dilapidated housing is being developed.

Every year, apartments in Khrushchev’s are getting cheaper by 15-20%, and selling them is becoming increasingly difficult. Such apartments in Kiev have long been in the ranking of the cheapest objects of capital’s real estate and the only way to turn the tide with the aging mass housing built in 1950-1970 of the last century is to start a large-scale reconstruction.

In Ukraine, a new version of the law on the reconstruction of dilapidated and dilapidated housing is being developed. Continue reading

Buying a cottage near Kiev: the prices are pleasant, and the offer is growing

What is the situation on the cottage market, where is it better to buy a country house – in the article on 100realty.ua

For lovers of life outside the city, a great option is to buy a cottage near Kiev. The supply of such housing is growing, and prices are falling. About what the situation is in the cottage market, where it is better to buy a country house and about the features of transactions with such real estate, the capital real estate portal 100realty.ua found out.

Supply and demand for cottages near Kiev – are growing
As of the end of May 2019, real estate in 200 cottage towns was put up for sale in Kiev and the Kiev region. Continue reading

How to privatize an apartment or a dormitory room in Ukraine for free: list of documents and sample application for housing privatization

The Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services publishes information for those wishing to privatize housing in Ukraine

The Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine has published explanations on how to privatize an apartment or a room in a dormitory for free — that is, to obtain privately owned housing that belongs to the state housing fund. Information on the procedure for the free privatization of housing is relevant for September 2019 and applies to apartments in apartment buildings, rooms in communal apartments, residential meters in a hostel. Continue reading

Large apartments in Kiev: who buys and how much
Named prices in areas where it is most profitable to buy large apartments in Kiev Large apartments in Kiev (from 3 rooms or more) are in stable demand. At the…


We buy a townhouse in Kiev: what, where, how much?
The advantage of a townhouse in Kiev in front of the apartment is the presence of its own courtyard near the house Townhouses are becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine. Developers…


How to buy a new building safely!
Buying apartments in houses that are still under construction, the so-called "new buildings", is quite risky. And in order not to become a victim of fraud, you need to approach…


Debt Restructuring for Utilities: Step-by-Step Guide
To draw up a restructuring agreement, you must sign an agreement with the service provider. In Kiev, debts for housing and communal services reach millions of hryvnias. Some have accumulated…