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Real estate rent in Kiev: what awaits the market in the fall of 2019

What will happen to prices, supply and demand next fall?

Before the start of the rental season in Kiev, the capital real estate portal found out what would happen to the prices, supply and demand in the fall of 2019, what should the tenant pay attention to and how to conclude a profitable deal.

Good offer quickly finds customers
The most interesting apartments for rent in Kiev in terms of price and quality quickly leave the market and this requires a tenant to make an operational decision. Especially in the fall, when there is a traditional surge in migration to the capital from other cities, the beginning of the school year.

“The most affordable facilities, costing up to $ 500 per month, quickly leave the market. These are mainly 1-bedroom apartments in areas remote from the center of the capital, including the Left Bank. In the most affordable price segment, costing up to $ 300 per month. the apartment will be in a remote area, for example, in Desnyansky, Dniprovsky, Svyatoshinsky in “residential condition”. With a budget of 500 dollars / month. you can rent a comfortable apartment with a good repair in different areas of the city, except for the center of the capital, ”says Elena Biberova, General Director of Blagovest AN.

The most affordable segment of apartments for rent in Kiev is most interesting to students, young families, people who have just arrived to build a career in the capital.

Also, there is always a demand for rental apartments worth 500-1000 dollars / month. In this price segment, you can already find housing in the center with a good repair, location and developed infrastructure in the residential complex and / or nearby. These apartments are most often rented to families with children, middle and senior managers, IT workers.

Elite housing: what to pay attention to tenants
In the capital, apartments starting at $ 2,500 / month are also actively in demand. This housing in historical and new homes in the center of Kiev, as well as in new buildings in areas close to the center.

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“Despite the fact that the term of exposition of expensive objects is longer than that of affordable ones, nevertheless, when choosing the desired apartment, you should not delay the decision. This is especially true for unique objects, the supply of which is limited. For example, apartments in historic houses in the heart of Kiev – on Khreshchatyk, Independence Square, etc., ”advises Elena Biberova.

Tenants are wealthy people of different age groups, often after 30, representatives of the business and political elite.

Commercial real estate in Kiev
In the autumn, the business season starts and the demand for commercial real estate for rent in Kiev increases.

According to Elena Biberova, the market is most in demand today and the trend will continue in the fall, with premises of 60-200 square meters. m for offices, shops, restaurants.

“Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in demand for non-residential premises from business representatives, this indicates a positive economic dynamics in the country, if the trend continues, we expect strong demand from the end of August,” the expert says.

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According to her, interest in premises in residential complexes where shops, service companies, banks, pharmacies, etc. are growing is growing.

The cost of renting a room in an LCD is on average in the city center from 1500-2500 dollars / month. in areas remote from the center – from $ 1,200 / month.

Rental price forecast in Kiev
Autumn may increase the cost of rent. First of all, this is due to the traditional activation of demand. Price correction is possible in the range of 10-15%.

“The situation on the real estate market will depend on the political and economic situation in the country associated with a change in the political elite. The market activity, its development or stagnation depends on what will happen in the economy, what decisions and statements will sound. The exchange rate will also have an effect. If the hryvnia is stable, then there will be no significant price adjustment, ”Elena Biberova shares forecasts.

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