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Warehouses for storing personal belongings: will there be a demand for the service?

Storage features and how much it costs

In Kiev, there are warehouses for personal storage of things. Such many have seen in American films or abroad. What awaits this segment in the future in Ukraine, the real estate portal of the capital recognized.

What is in the market for warehouses for storing things
The individual storage market in Ukraine is currently developing: only in 2019 several warehouses for storing personal belongings were opened, but the offer is still limited. In Western countries, the opposite is true – demand is high and supply is growing rapidly.

“The individual storage market is still underdeveloped in Ukraine compared to Western countries, where residents are more mobile and prefer to rent apartments over their own homes. Demand from the population in these countries for the purchase of residential real estate is reduced due to differences in lifestyle and past economic shocks. As an example, the devastating effect of the 2007 housing crisis on US households. In Europe, the popularity of this service is also growing due to rising real estate prices, urbanization and socio-demographic changes, ”said Natalia Sokirko, Director of Industrial and Logistic Real Estate at CBRE Ukraine.

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According to her, the market for individual storage warehouses is just beginning to take shape in Ukraine, and both individuals and entrepreneurs use the services. In the latter case, the service is better known as safekeeping.

There are about 10 operators on the Kiev market that provide self-storage services:

“Capital Storeroom”
“Mini warehouse”
“Your warehouse”
Tetris box
United Box and others.
Also on the market there are companies that are engaged not only in storage, but also in the transport of things, such as Ant, YarTrans Logistic and others.

Demand from individuals usually arises from relocation, repair or seasonal storage. In the case of small business operations, this is the use of storage space, especially given the accelerated development of the e-commerce marketplace segment in Ukraine over the past few years.

Is there a demand for warehouses for storing personal items
The warehouse market is poorly developed for several reasons. According to Natalia Sokirko, one of the constraining factors for the development of the segment in Kiev is the low level of free space in the market, which at the end of the 1st quarter. 2019 amounted to 3.6% (-0.1 percentage points since the beginning of the year). Moreover, taking into account the specifics of individual storage services, storage facilities in close proximity to transport hubs are an integral requirement for such a business, and there are practically no free spaces with such an arrangement.

“One of the local operators on the market over the past year closed two of the three individual storage warehouses, as a result of low demand for the service and the location of premises in industrial areas inaccessible to individuals,” the expert says.

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Among other restrictions for the development of the segment: low purchasing power and poor mobility of the population, lack of awareness of the service and the consumer’s unwillingness to switch to this type of paid service.

According to Dmitry Kornienko, Managing Director of NAI Ukraine, their company talked with the largest American provider of storage spaces for personal use, but after analyzing the situation, they came to the conclusion that the Ukrainian consumer is not ready for large-scale projects of such a plan. However, in the future over the next few years, everything can change.
Competition in professional warehouses for personal storage of things today is the rent of garages and class C warehouses.

Features of storage in the warehouse of personal items
Rental of personal items
A mini-warehouse for personal items is used when moving, and for storing office furniture and equipment (photo
Almost everything is allowed to be stored in warehouses for personal belongings – from documents, children’s toys, office equipment, clothes, to furniture. Items are stored either in a separate building where the warehouse rooms are located, or in containers converted into warehouses.

At the same time, there is a list of things that are prohibited.

What can not be stored in the warehouse of personal belongings
toxic substances
flammable objects
objects emitting an unpleasant odor.
All warehouses are guarded; tenants have round-the-clock access to them. The area of ​​warehouses averages from 1 square. m to 30 square meters. m

How much does it cost to rent a warehouse of personal belongings
Renting a warehouse of the smallest size will cost an average of 450-600 UAH. per month. For a warehouse in a building of about 5 square meters. m will have to pay from 1900 UAH. Great boxing for

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How to increase the apartment
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