Debt Restructuring for Utilities: Step-by-Step Guide
To draw up a restructuring agreement, you must sign an agreement with the service provider. In Kiev, debts for housing and communal services reach millions of hryvnias. Some have accumulated…

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New General Plan of Kiev: how the capital will develop, how much housing will be built and where the metro will be laid
On Monday, December 16, a draft of the new General Plan of Kiev was presented. The capital real estate portal found out what the capital of Ukraine expects, how…

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How to rent an office in Kiev in 2020

In 2020, the demand for offices in Kiev will be high, while the supply is not growing actively, good options quickly leave the market. About where and how it is profitable to rent an office in Kiev, learned the portal “Capital real estate”

The offer of offices in Kiev is limited
Several office centers are being built in Kiev, while those on the market still cover demand. This situation will not last long, the shortage of office space should be covered in 2020-2021.

“In the central business district of Kiev, there is a shortage of quality space. But in the near future the situation should change, since in 2020 255 thousand square meters are expected to be released. m new offer. Some objects at different stages of construction will enter the market with occupancy rates ranging from 15% to 80% depending on the quality and location, given the pre-release trend, which gained popularity in 2019, ”said Radomir Turcan, CBRE Ukraine’s managing partner.

Other experts confirm this trend.

“The trend towards signing preliminary lease agreements in terms of office space still under construction is one of the indicators of the shortage of office space on the market. By the way, the practice of signing preliminary leases has not been observed since 2009, ”said Alexander Nosachenko, Managing Director, Colliers International (Ukraine).

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To date, in Kiev, the supply of quality office space in the capital has reached 2 million square meters. In 2019, a total of about 94 thousand 600 square meters was commissioned. m, which is 88% more than in 2018.

“A significant increase in the new supply is a reaction to the shortage of quality premises and demand, which is still at a high level. Considering the significant volume of deferred demand, and the trend of signing preliminary lease agreements regarding office premises under construction, the new proposal is 2020-2021. will not have a significant impact on changes in the main market indicators, ”Nosachenko says.

Thus, over the next few years, tenants will have more choices.

Rental rates for an office in Kiev in 2020
During the current year, tenants can review office rental rates in Kiev due to high demand.

According to Colliers International, the average range of rental rates for offices in Kiev is as follows:

Class “A”: 23-30 dollars / sq. m / month;
Class “B”: 15-23 dollars / sq. m / month;
Class “C”: 9-14 dollars / sq. m / month.
You can also rent a room as part of a residential complex. In this case, the plus is that there is all the necessary infrastructure nearby, possibly a closed territory. At the same time, if the location of the residential complex is good, then the rental rates do not differ much from the prices in the business center.

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According to Park Lane, in elite residential complexes in the historical center of the capital (Khreschatyk St., Independence Square, etc.) the rental rates of commercial premises, including those for offices, are about 60-90 dollars / sq. / Month . In areas close to the center – 18-35 dollars / sq.m / month.

In remote areas, both on the Right and on the Left Bank – 15-20 dollars / sq.m / month.

Coworking – saving on rent
Demand for flexible offices remains high and will remain so this year.

According to Alexander Nosachenko, coworking and flexible offices occupy about 65 thousand square meters. m in Kiev. This is approximately 3.2% of the total supply of quality office space.

The largest players in this sector are the network operators IWG (Regus and Spaces coworking), Platforma, Creative States, Creative Quarter – in general, their share is about 62% of the Kiev coworking market. Regus & Spaces is a leader in the number of locations and area occupations.

Demand for coworking rental at the beginning of 2020 amounted to about 25.4%.

“The main demand is generated by freelancers, startups and companies with a small staff who are not interested in a long-term lease for various reasons,” says Oksana Gavrilevich, senior analyst at UTG.

Accessibility at the price of renting a workplace makes coworking so popular in the capital.

The cost of renting coworking in Kiev
UTG company data
How to find a profitable rental option
According to Oksana Gavrilevich, the main factor in choosing a rental location is a successful location. The Central Business District, Podil and similarly close areas are most popular.

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