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We buy a townhouse in Kiev: what, where, how much?

The advantage of a townhouse in Kiev in front of the apartment is the presence of its own courtyard near the house

Townhouses are becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine. Developers are in a hurry to catch up with demand and offer housing at good prices. The capital real estate portal found out the features of the market of townhouses in Kiev and Kiev region and how to acquire such real estate.

What and how much offer customers?
Townhouses began to be built in the 19th century in the UK. Such projects came to Ukraine about 10 years ago. The peculiarity of this type of real estate is that it is a multi-level apartment in a house with a separate entrance. Often the advantage of a townhouse in Kiev in front of an apartment is the presence of its own courtyard near the house.

According to experts, today in the Kiev market and in the capital’s suburbs, about 160 townhouses are represented. The average price of townhouses in Kiev from 950 thousand UAH. up to 2.5 million UAH This range contains the largest number of offers.

“The largest number of offers of townhouses is concentrated in a radius of 5 and 5 to 10 km from the capital. This is due to transport accessibility. However, over the long distance, there are quite interesting offers for your buyer, ”says Olga Solovey, co-founder and managing partner of the Ukrainian Real Estate Club (URE Club).

According to Roman Gerasimchuk, director of City Development Solutions, over the past year, prices for townhouses fell by 8.9%.

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He argues that in addition to suburban townhouses, the prices of which are in the range from 400 thousand to 3.5 million hryvnias, it is possible to purchase an elite townhouse in Kiev, including in the central regions, where prices reach 25 million UAH per unit . The average price for projects located in the city limits is about 4 million UAH.

Townhouse in Kiev: what, where, how much
Average prices for a townhouse in Kiev range from 950 thousand UAH. up to 2.5 million UAH
Most often, buyers look for ergonomic areas, full-cycle infrastructure, landscaped areas, look at the materials used in the construction. The buyer wants for a reasonable price to get a house in the suburbs, which will meet his requirements for comfort, energy efficiency and value for money.

Trends and features of the purchase of townhouses in Kiev
The market of townhouses has certain differences from the market of cottages, the main of which is the much smaller scale of projects. So, if the average size of a cottage town is 83 cottages, then in the case of townhouses this figure is 32 units.

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“In general, most townhouses are positioned as an intermediate type of real estate between an apartment and a cottage. Historically, the main advantage of semi-detached housing for the developer is the high density of development, and, accordingly, the higher economic efficiency of the project. For buyers, this is an opportunity to purchase inexpensive individual housing with a small plot, ”says Roman Gerasimchuk.

As for the conclusion of the transaction, here you need to be careful. The main nuance is that it is not legally defined what a town house and the features of its construction are. Therefore, when selling such objects, developers arrange townhouses in Kiev as an apartment in an apartment building or part of a house, its section. In this case, the buyer acquires ownership of a separate property.

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Another issue is the status of the earth. If a section of the house is purchased, then the land also becomes the property of the buyer. The situation is different when registering the ownership of a townhouse as an apartment in an apartment building.

“In this case, the rights to the land on which the apartment building is located may belong to the owners of apartments and non-residential premises in such an apartment building under the state registration of such rights,” Roman Gerasimchuk says.

According to him, the most questions will arise when buying a townhouse as part of (1/3, 1/7) of the whole object. In this situation, the buyer receives the right to partial ownership of the object. And here lies such a drawback as the need for the consent of all property owners in case you want to sell a townhouse in the future.

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