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Buying a cottage near Kiev: the prices are pleasant, and the offer is growing

What is the situation on the cottage market, where is it better to buy a country house – in the article on

For lovers of life outside the city, a great option is to buy a cottage near Kiev. The supply of such housing is growing, and prices are falling. About what the situation is in the cottage market, where it is better to buy a country house and about the features of transactions with such real estate, the capital real estate portal found out.

Supply and demand for cottages near Kiev – are growing
As of the end of May 2019, real estate in 200 cottage towns was put up for sale in Kiev and the Kiev region.

“The total volume of cottages and townhouses in the existing cottage towns is 11,825 units. On average, cottage towns are 57% built up. Given that many KGs are being built up as plots are sold, this indicator can be used to indirectly estimate the volume of cottages already sold, ”says Roman Gerasimchuk, director of City Development Solutions.

At the same time, today on the suburban real estate market there are about 3.5 thousand cottages and plots for cottage development, which are part of cottage townships. The volume of new supply in the last year was insignificant – in total, the market of Kiev and the region was replenished with 21 new projects.

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“Every year the competition is growing. Some apartment developers are trying out cottage construction, ”says David Batanov, Commercial Director of Evrodim.

An increasing number of people are considering the purchase of a cottage, as an interesting investment and a good option for housing.

Buying a cottage near Kiev remains a cherished dream for many
Buying a cottage near Kiev remains a cherished dream for many
According to experts, a good price causes an increased interest in this type of real estate.

“Since the beginning of 2019, we can note a significant revival of consumer interest in cottages. According to our data, today in the structure of sales of suburban housing, the purchase of cottages, following one-room apartments, occupies the second line in popularity. At the end of May, the quantitative indicator of acquisitions of private houses is about 12%, and by the end of the year it can increase to 15%. This is a significant result, because a year ago the share of cottages did not exceed 5% of the total number of acquisitions in the suburbs of Kiev. The growing popularity of cottages is caused, first of all, by the competitive price and tangible advantages of such a purchase compared to apartments. Today we can state that the cost of a cottage with an area of ​​100 square meters. m is commensurate with the price, for example, of a 60-meter apartment in any of the sleeping areas of Kiev, ”cites figures Vladislav Kononov, managing partner of AVM Development Group.

Another factor that affects the growing popularity of cottages is recreational opportunities. It’s no secret that developers are trying to equip their towns in close proximity to recreational areas – access to water, the proximity of the forest.

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Also, a cottage near Kiev is a good investment. “Investments in the purchase of a cottage, as well as the purchase of land plots suitable for individual construction, is today a good investment, with a return exceeding the profitability of bank deposits. For example, from buying a house at the initial stage of construction to commissioning, the cost of a cottage increases by at least 20-25%. In addition, passive income from investing in buying a house can reach up to 15% annually, ”Kononov adds.

Prices for cottages near Kiev are reduced
The cost of cottages is very different and varies from many factors. According to Evrodim, the price is affected by the distance from the capital, the size of the plot, the area of ​​the house, the construction technology, the cottage, communications, etc.

At the same time, despite the growth in demand, prices for cottages are declining.

According to City Development Solutions, the average prices of cottages as of the end of May 2019 range from 4.3 – 6.5 million UAH. Compared to May 2018, prices decreased by 9.4%.
“You can find an offer for both 1.5 million and 6-8 million. The main supply pool is concentrated in the price segment from 2.5 to 5 million UAH,” says Olga Solovey, co-founder and managing partner of the Ukrainian club real estate (URE Club).

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