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Debt Restructuring for Utilities: Step-by-Step Guide

To draw up a restructuring agreement, you must sign an agreement with the service provider.

In Kiev, debts for housing and communal services reach millions of hryvnias. Some have accumulated debts of tens of thousands of hryvnias. At the same time, it is possible to pay off debts in stages, by issuing a restructuring agreement. Learned how to do this portal “Capital real estate”

What does utility debt restructuring law say
The right of citizens to restructure debt for housing and communal services is enshrined in the Law of Ukraine “On restructuring debt on housing rent, payment for housing and communal services, consumed gas and electricity.”

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At the same time, you can pay off the debt within 60 months and the amount of payment should not exceed 25% of the total family income.

The Main Department of Statistics of Kiev reports that in January-October 2019, 1521 agreements were concluded with the population to pay off restructured debts totaling 15.7 million UAH. The amount of payments made, taking into account long-term contracts, amounted to almost 8 million UAH.

How to sue for debts for the “communal”
The procedure for collecting debts for utilities is regulated by the Code of Civil Procedure, article 95. If you have a debt for utilities and you do not want to enter into a restructuring agreement, the service provider can recover the debt in court. At the same time, they may not even call you to court and may file a lawsuit to recover a debt even after 3 years and for any amount of debt.

What will you have to pay if the utility workers sue you?
amount of debt
the size of the inflation index for the entire period of unpaid debt
3% per annum of the debt amount
court expenses.
If, after a court decision, the debt is not repaid, property may be seized. Initially arrested personal property and real estate, which is not the only one. That is, if you only have an apartment, it will be problematic to evict and take away from it, especially if minor children are registered in it.

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When the amount of debt for utilities can reduce
The amount of debt can be reduced if the services were provided inappropriately.

If a claim is drawn up regarding the quality of utilities
Copy of the grievance letter sent to the utility company
Written response ZhEKa
Utility bill.
How to find out what utilities sued you for debt
There is a section “Information on debtors” on the site of the Center for Public Utilities, in which you can find information on existing enforcement proceedings and seizure of property in the event of a debt.

How to apply for an installment plan for paying a debt on a rent
To draw up a restructuring agreement, you must sign an agreement with the service provider.

To conclude an agreement, you must apply to the accrual accountant in the consumer acceptance department of your housing and operational organization.

The application must be accompanied by:

copy of the passport of the owner / co-owner;
copy of identification code;
copy of title documents for the apartment.
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How to arrange a debt restructuring to pay for electricity
In order to pay off the debt in equal installments, you need to pay 30% of the amount owed.

To conclude a restructuring agreement, you need to contact the Customer Service Center.

Documents for execution of an electricity debt restructuring agreement:

document confirming ownership of housing or the right to use housing;
certificate of persons registered in the apartment (form-3);
certificates of income for all adults registered in the apartment (for pensioners – certificates from the pension fund of Ukraine);
if the persons registered in the apartment are not officially employed, this should be indicated in the application and the total family income (per month) should be noted, as well as an original and copies of the work books of these persons (first page and page on which the place of work is indicated);
in the case of an appeal by an authorized person of the owner of the premises – a power of attorney from the owner of the premises and the passport of the authorized person.
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How to restructure debt for water
In order to draw up a restructuring agreement, the following should be submitted to the Settlement Department of Kyivvodokanal (Kiev, 16 Electrotechnical Str.)

first and second pages (place of registration) of a passport or other identity document;
certificates on assignment of identification number (and

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