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How to use the ads!
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New General Plan of Kiev: how the capital will develop, how much housing will be built and where the metro will be laid

On Monday, December 16, a draft of the new General Plan of Kiev was presented. The capital real estate portal 100realty.ua found out what the capital of Ukraine expects, how it will develop and what architects think about the Kiev General Plan project.

The structure of Kiev will change
To date, according to the authors of the General Plan, the existing document does not take into account the pace of development and population of the capital. Therefore, it is proposed to change the functional planning structure of Kiev. You can familiarize yourself with the draft General Plan by the link.

How will the structure of Kiev according to the General Plan:
balance of resettlement and gravity;
development of public services and recreation;
the formation of the seventh planning zone of the citywide recreational and social center, which is being created in the Dnieper valley, on the Dnieper islands and slopes, and coastal greenery;
rational use of free urban land resources;
modernization of obsolete housing stock;
restructuring with a change in the functions of degraded industrial and warehouse and other territories with the preservation and development of budget-forming enterprises;
development of public spaces, etc.
“Kiev should be a comfortable, green city, with a safe and harmonious environment and a high quality of life. These are the basic principles laid down in the draft new Master Plan of the capital, ”said the head of the Kievgenplan Public Organization, which was developing the draft new General Plan, Sergey Bronevitsky, presenting the project at the International Future of Kiev Forum.

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According to him, the indicators of the current General Plan, which is designed until 2020, are very outdated and have not met modern realities for a long time.

“In European countries, for example, master plans are updated every 5 years, in Beijing – every 3-4 years. According to Ukrainian legislation, amendments to master plans are also recommended every 5 years. In the capital, the General Plan has not been updated for almost 20 years. So, the current General Plan has completely lost its regulatory role, and underestimated indicators do not make it possible to realistically plan economic and social development programs, ”said Bronevitsky.

New General Plan of Kiev
The draft new Master Plan defines the direction of development of the capital for the next 7 years and for the future 20 years.
Also, according to the head of Kyivgenplan, the preparation of the Historical and Architectural Support Plan, which should be agreed by the Ministry of Culture, has almost been completed. This plan is part of the General Plan of the city and without it it is impossible to accept the General Plan as a whole.

“I note that the draft General Plan also reflects the proposals of Kiev, which we received in recent years, including the results of public hearings. The main provisions of the draft new General Plan were considered by expert planners of Leipzig, experts of the Council of Europe, and provided their recommendations and comments, ”said Sergey Bronevitsky.

A new round of development of the Kiev agglomeration
The draft General Plan of Kiev provides for the formation of a single transport framework that will provide transport accessibility for the resettlement and employment of people living in the suburbs of the capital.

New General Plan of Kiev
Today, suburban residents are forced to travel to the capital to take their children to schools and kindergartens, this creates an additional burden on the infrastructure of Kiev. Therefore, this problem will be given attention.

The new principle of housing
The General Plan project provides an integrated approach to housing construction.

New General Plan of Kiev
“It is supposed to analyze the investment intentions of developers, which has not been done before. These issues need to be addressed at the legislative level, by expanding the powers of the local government in terms of the functions of urban planning control. We must preserve the historical appearance of Kiev, its sights and special architecture. A new historical and architectural basic plan of the city should help in resolving these issues. And we count on the help of the Ministry of Culture in the soon completion and coordination of this critically necessary document, ”said the mayor of Kiev, Vitaliy Klichko.

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Now housing in Kiev will be built on new principles
residential real estate will be built in conjunction with kindergartens, schools, other social infrastructure,
complex reconstruction of quarters of obsolete buildings,
achieving an average housing supply of at least 29 square meters. m / person;
construction of smart buildings using energy-saving technologies.
Infrastructure Development: What’s New in the General Plan
The experts addressed the following issues:

provision of population

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