When performing any real estate transactions, you should remember that you are required to pay taxes. Types and amounts of taxes are established by the legislation of Ukraine. In this…

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In this article, we will discuss a few points that relate directly to how land privatization can be conducted.

The first point will deal with free privatization.

According to the Law of Ukraine, every adult citizen of Ukraine has the right to free privatization of land for personal use. The Land Code refers to the following rules regarding the size of land:

1) For construction and economic support of a private house no more than 25 acres for rural areas, 15 acres in urban settlements and a maximum of 10 acres in the city;

2) For the purpose of construction of a country house – no more than 10 acres;

3) For gardening – 12 acres;

4) Under the garage – up to 1 hectare;

5) For holding – no more than 2 hectares;

These are the main types of business under which land is allocated.

Land registration is the second stage.

First of all, it is necessary to understand whether the citizen uses the site he wants to privatize or not.

There are several options for using the land without the appropriate documents:

– In case the citizen’s house is located on a plot which has been allocated to him for construction until 1991;

– The applicant who is applying is one of the participants of the suburban cooperative from which the site is separated;

– A person uses the land for his own, economic purposes, but it is not his property. In this case, it is entitled to privatization only if the site has actually been in use for at least 15 years.

The primary stage in the privatization of the land plot is the submission of the application to the local self-government bodies. In addition to the application, the citizen must submit some other documents. The list of these documents may vary depending on the purpose for which the site will be used.

The second point is the decision in the self-government bodies to transfer the land to private property. Third – preparation and preparation of documentation for the site and issuance of a state act on the land.

And in the third – final part, we will look at the list of basic documents that need to be submitted for privatization.

We make the following copies:

1) Passport and identification code;

2) the legal document for the house that is located on the site you want to privatize;

3) A document confirming that the site is located on the territory of a certain cooperative and has its own number;

4) Documentary confirmation issued by the state government that you use the land;

5) Resolution on approval of land boundaries.

It should be remembered that the list of documents can be modified when developing and approving a land project.

Do not forget that the customer must pay for services related to the work of organizations involved in the circulation and land management in the area.

Once the project is completed, you must apply to the Registration Office. Within two weeks the applicant will be issued with a “Certificate of title to the land”. Then you will be considered the full owner.

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When performing any real estate transactions, you should remember that you are required to pay taxes. Types and amounts of taxes are established by the legislation of Ukraine. In this…