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Where to go on the weekend and on the Day of Defender of Ukraine in Kiev: an action plan for the holidays on October 12-14

A large number of events are planned for three days off.

For the fifth year in our country, October 14 is the Day of Defender of Ukraine. In connection with the celebration, Ukrainians will have three holidays in a row – October 12-14. The capital real estate portal publishes an action plan on where to go on the weekend and Defender’s Day in Kiev.

Defender’s Day of Ukraine on October 14 coincides with the great Orthodox holiday – the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is also considered the patroness of the Ukrainian Cossacks.Most of the entertainment events on October 14 in Kiev are dedicated to these holidays.

For Defender of Ukraine Day in Kiev on October 14, several official events are planned, which are organized by the metropolitan city administration. October 14 at Khreshchatyk from 13.00 to 17.00 citywide holiday will be held.

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At the same time, in the Pechersk landscape park, a cultural and art project “Courageous and Indestructible” was planned. On October 14, a festive evening “They swore peace and freedom!” Will be held at the Sports Palace from 18.00 to 21.00.

Where to go on a weekend in Kiev
Kayaking to Zhukov Island and the Stalin Tunnel
Where to go on a weekend on Defender’s Day in Kiev – kayaking
When: October 12, 08.30-17.00.

Location: “Kayak Canoe Center – Slavutich”, st. Low Earth, 13V

The organizers promise to lead the participants by canoe through the plains, channels and lakes of southern Kiev. The group will approach the only artificial waterfall in Kiev, visit the deviation tower. Excursion participants will go to Zhukov Island and go under the concrete dome of the Stalin Metro.

CinemaKult. Cult Film Festival
Where to go on the weekend on Defender’s Day in Kiev – KinoKult Film Festival
When: October 10-13

Location: Kiev television center, st. Ilyenko, 42.

Within four days, the best films from the Ukrainian short meter in 2019, classic masterpieces of the 20th century and modern festival hits will be presented.

Film Festival Program

October 12th

15.00 Ukrainian short meter

19.00 “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

October 13th

15.00 “Mr. Nobody” Jacques Van Dormel

15.30 “Pool” Jacques Deret

18.15 “The Tree of Life” by Terrence Malik

Meeting with the creative team of the film “Zakhar Berkut”
Where to go on the weekend on Defender’s Day in Kiev – meeting with the creative team of the film Zakhar Berkut
When: October 13 at 16.00.

Location: Zhovten cinema, st. Konstantinovskaya, 26

A meeting with the creative group and discussion of the picture will take place immediately after watching the film. The meeting participants will have the opportunity to chat with the actors of the film Andrei Isaenko, Oleg Voloschenko, Viktor Zhdanov.

Chrysanthemum Flower Constellation Festival
Where to go in Kiev for the weekend – Chrysanthemum Festival
When: October 12-14, 10.00-20.00

Location: New Pevchesky field, Lavrskaya street, 33.

On the territory of the Pechersk landscape park, the traditional autumn festival of chrysanthemums called the “Flower Constellation” continues. Guests will find many bright flower photo zones for selfies, a plant and hand-made fair, recreation areas for adults and children, a children’s area with coloring houses, master classes and an entertainment weekend program.

The city of witches. Tour of the mystical places of Kiev
Where to go on a weekend on Defender’s Day in Kiev – a mystical tour
When: October 12, 16.00-19.00.

Location: Kontraktova pl., 1 (near the entrance to the Church of the Virgin Mary Pirogoshchi).

Mandatory registration of participants.

During an excursion dedicated to Kiev witches, participants will learn about Bald Mountain and the features of Ukrainian magic, ancient witches and modern pagans, urban legends and unusual facts about places that seemed familiar:

Where is the real Bald Mountain in Kiev?
Who brings sacrifices on Castle Hill?
What is especially true Ukrainian magic?
“Places of power” in the center of Kiev.
The difficult fate of the idol of Perun and pagan temples.
What guards the Mikhailovsky monastery?
Castle Hill – a place of coven or mass executions?
What is wrong with the monument to Vladimir the Great?
GarbuzFest at the Open Air Museum
Where to go for the weekend on Defender’s Day in Kiev – GarbuzFest
When: October 12-13, 10.00-18.00.

Location: Kiev, st. Academician Tronko, National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine

Visit the first international festival # GarbuzFest. The festival program: fun games and contests, children’s recreation areas, a contest of children’s drawings, prizes for the most active, craftsmen, sale of pumpkin honey, competitions of the strongest men and best beauties, a concert program.

Plant your tree
Where to go on the weekend on Defender’s Day in Kiev – Campaign Plant your tree
When: October 12, 13 and 14

Location: Didorovka Lake, meeting place: st. General Rodimtseva, 6


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