How to get a building permit in Ukraine according to a simplified procedure - recent changes
First you have to get a construction passport for the future home. A simplified procedure is being introduced in Ukraine in order to obtain a building permit and draw up…

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Warehouses for storing personal belongings: will there be a demand for the service?
Storage features and how much it costs In Kiev, there are warehouses for personal storage of things. Such many have seen in American films or abroad. What awaits this segment…

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Home Building Award 2019 - Ibuild Held
The award is aimed at the development of the construction industry in Ukraine On December 11, the awarding ceremony of the VІI All-Ukrainian Construction Prize Ibuild-2019 was held. This year,…

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Do Kyiv need new shopping centers: will there be enough for all visitors

Supply does not yet satisfy demand and rental rates are rising

In the capital, they continue to build and open new shopping centers, both large-scale and small. Do you need such a quantity of shopping and entertainment centers in the capital and what situation in the market did the capital real estate portal recognize.

Supply does not yet satisfy demand
Today, there are dozens of shopping centers in the capital, but they do not yet satisfy the needs of residents of the capital. In some areas of the city, the offer is limited or shopping centers are already outdated. Continue reading

What will change on 1 October in Ukraine: new money, IBAN code and the harsh rules for granting subsidies

National Bank of Ukraine begins to withdraw from circulation coins in denominations of 1, 2 and 5 cents, as well as being introduced IBAN account format

From 1 October in Ukraine will a number of changes that will affect the financial markets, tax, utilities. What will change from October 1 in Ukraine, the portal of capital real estate found out.

A large number of changes are associated with innovations in the financial sector. The National Bank cancels the circulation of part of the coins, and also introduces a new standard of accounts in banking institutions. Continue reading

Law on the sale of land: what will change for developers and home buyers

Free sale of land carries certain risks.

The Verkhovna Rada is preparing to adopt the Law “On the Land Market” in the second reading. In Ukraine, it will be possible to buy and sell agricultural land. The law will affect the real estate market.

How to change the construction market after the lifting of the moratorium on the sale of land, learned the portal “Capital real estate”

New opportunities for developers
Ukrainian developers, especially during the construction of housing in the suburbs, often bought agricultural land and changed it to “building a house”. Continue reading

New rules for evaluating real estate in Ukraine - opinions of lawyers
In Ukraine, the rules for evaluating real estate are changing. On November 12, the Verkhovna Rada adopted bill No. 2047-d, “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine regarding the…


Country house or cottage for rent !!!
You always want to have a special place to rest on hand. For this purpose, a cottage or a country house is just perfect. But this raises the question of…


Judicial practice: how to get a land plot in Ukraine for free
The Supreme Court of Ukraine has clarified how to obtain free land An explanation of Art. 118 of the Land Code, which provides for the free receipt of land by…


Taxes on real estate transactions in 2020: how much, when and what's new
Due to the adoption of new laws, significant changes are expected in the taxation procedure for real estate transactions In 2020, in Ukraine, sellers and buyers of real estate will…